Here I share stories about design, web projects, hypermedia, and digital trends. These ideas are the source of inspiration that drive my creative process.

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If you want to know more and have fun, you can follow my design stories and photo journeys in the auto translated spanish version.

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Alvaro Díaz Castro, D.I.

Designer and web consultant.

Digital design and photography, which are the best known expressions of my creative capacity, have given me great professional satisfaction in projects, recognitions, awards and scholarships.

I’m Alvaro, designer, nature photographer and traveler.

With my designs I have given my clients the opportunity to start developing or improving their digital business strategy, in such a way that they can increase their income by making their visitors find what they want and be loyal followers of their brands.

I am a professional in Industrial Design at P.U.J.

And I have complementary studies in:

Management, development and creation of multimedia software.

Professional development of websites.

Advanced web technology.

User research.

Human Computer Interaction.

Dynamic User Experiencie.

UX Design.

Web Design for Usability.

Marketing – Contents -Storytelling – Gamification – Metrics – SEO – HTML5 Development …

"He is an integral professional, very committed, who provides solutions and is always willing to generate the best results. He is not satisfied with the bare minimum and always offers something different and new."
Harold Garzón Arenas
Harold Garzón Arenas
Project Manager Cintel
"...He was an advisor of my entire confidence in topics of web design, usability and information architecture. His commitment to work led me to delegate the management of the digital projects of the Press and Communications Office..."
Angélica Molina Reyes
Director of Communications SDP​
"He helped us in Red Colombia S.A. as web designer in designing and updating content for clients such as Visa, Cine Colombia and the Ministry of Culture, I recommend him for his responsibility, experience and professionalism."
Luis Camargo Fonseca
Luis Angel Camargo F.
Founder - CEO Pixelpro